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Holidays in Bulgaria, Byala town - information about the area

Byala is a popular vacation spot on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast . Located 60 km south of Varna city and 70 km north of Bourgas, the beach in Byala is one of the cleanest on the Black Sea. The combination of sea and mountain climate makes Byala a great place for relaxation. The town has excellent infrastructure appliances - well paved roads, parks, a hospital, bank, rent a car agencies, grocery, kids and beach shops, restaurants, cafes and fast food.

The northern beach of Byala is famous for its fine white sand and beautiful lagoons.

The central beach is the most preferred because it has many restaurants and fast food restaurants, water slides and other...
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Obzor - a beautiful Bulgarian Beach Resort

Obzor is a picturesque resort with fresh mountain air, warm sea breeze, beautiful scenery and beautiful beaches with golden sand.

The city is located along a large bay that starts from Cape Atanas and ends at Cape Emine, where the River Dvoinica flows into the sea. The town is on the panoramic road that connects the south with the northern Black Sea.

Obzor is a small but interesting city that has preserved the millennial history of several civilizations and has successfully met the challenges of the modern world. The town is full of small restaurants and cafes, grocery stores, beach and children's goods, souvenirs.

The Obzor beach is more than 10 km long and between 20 and 60 meters wide. The sand is fine, with a...
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Kavarna - summer holidays in Bulgaria - information about the town and the region

Wonderful place to relax on the beach - Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Kavarna is located on a rocky coast in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Kavarna is located 63 km northeast of Varna. The beautiful coast of Kavarna stretches for 42 km, and the total area of ​​the beaches in the municipality is 74 000 square meters. Spacious artificial beach has been created on the coast of Kavarna town. One of the symbols of the city is Cape Chirakman.

In the sea area of ​​Kavarna you...
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Balchik - information about the town

Balchik is a well-known and popular summer holiday destination in Bulgaria.

Balchik is located in the northeastern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 40 km from Varna and 20 km from Kavarna. Situated on the coast, in an area with temperate continental climate, the average temperature in July is 22 degrees Celsius and the sea water temperature in summer reaches 24 degrees Celsius.

There are three modern golf courses near Balchik. In the area there are other interesting places - the village of Kranevo, the famous sea resort Albena, the rock...
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City of Varna - The sea capital of Bulgaria

Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria and the largest on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, occupying an area of ​​205 sq. Km. The location of the city on the northern coast of the Black Sea, as well as the rich natural resources, make it one of the most famous resorts in Europe and the largest in the Black Sea region. At the same time, it is a crossroads between the Middle East and Western Europe.

Varna is located on the west coast of the Black Sea, thanks to which it enjoys a mild climate all year round. The coldest time of the year is usually from December to March, when the average temperature varies between 5 and 10 ° C. Summer begins in early May and lasts until...
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Rogachevo village

Rogachevo village - 7 km from the beaches of Albena and Kranevo

To the north of Varna there is a village with a unique location - on its back are the hills on the northern slopes of the Frangen Plateau, in front of it there are flat fertile fields and vineyards to the seashore, and to the side of them is the beginning of the Dobrudzha Plateau. The name of this village is Rogachevo, and until 1942 it was called Geikchiller, which in Turkish means "deer people." During the renaming the locals wanted their village to be called Elenovo, but their proposal was not accepted and since then it has been named Rogachevo.

The village of Rogachevo is located 28 km north of Varna and the famous summer resort of Golden Sands. In Varana you can enjoy a great variety of attractions,...
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Holiday at sea in Cabacum - Varna

Cabacum area and the eponymous Cabacum beach (translated as Cabacum - crumbly sand) is located between the resorts of St. Constantine and Elena and Golden Sands (2 km), 10 km north of Varna. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Cabacum Beach has crystal clear water, clean beaches and offers conditions for practicing various sports activities. There are many small shops, fast food restaurants, villas and small hotels in the region.
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Bolata Beach

Bolata Bay - one of the most beautiful beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea

The Bolata area - 6 km winding canyon with lush vegetation, caves and a marsh where rare birds nest, ending in a small beautiful bay near Cape Kaliakra. Bolata is one of the last unspoiled and pristine beaches on the Bulgarian coast. The Buns of Bolata are a favorite place for fishing. The area is accessible by car almost to the beach.

Bolata is part of the Kaliakra Reserve. It is located in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea near the
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