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Rogachevo village - 7 km from the beaches of Albena and Kranevo

To the north of Varna there is a village with a unique location - on its back are the hills on the northern slopes of the Frangen Plateau, in front of it there are flat fertile fields and vineyards to the seashore, and to the side of them is the beginning of the Dobrudzha Plateau. The name of this village is Rogachevo, and until 1942 it was called Geikchiller, which in Turkish means "deer people." During the renaming the locals wanted their village to be called Elenovo, but their proposal was not accepted and since then it has been named Rogachevo.

The village of Rogachevo is located 28 km north of Varna and the famous summer resort of Golden Sands. In Varana you can enjoy a great variety of attractions, entertainment, summer festivals - Dolphinarium, Aquarium, beautiful sea garden, seaside promenade with its beach bars and discos, three malls, cinemas and many more.

At 6 km from the complex is located the Baltata Nature Reserve, located along the Batova River - a place proclaimed by numerous songbirds and captivated by the beauty of the water lilies.

The magnificent beach of Albena resort with its attractions, aqua park, restaurants, bars, discos, casinos is immediately after the reservation - about 7 km from the village.

Kranevo, with its beautiful wide and clean beach, is located 7 km from the village of Rogachevo.

There are three professional golf courses and one golf course nearby - Thracian Cliffs, Light House Golf and the beautiful Blacksey Rama Golf Complex.

The advantage of the village is the combination of tranquility and tranquility, while being close to beautiful beaches and summer attractions.

There is little information about the village's past. In the vicinity, necropolises from the first and second centuries BC were found. They testify that life in these places existed even during the Thracian times. During the centuries of Turkish slavery, the village was called Huck Chiller.

Almost every house in Rogachevo offers a beautiful view to the sea, to the village of Kranevo and the rocks of Ekrene, to the resort of Albena and to the long forest of the Baltata Reserve in the valley of the Batova River. Over the last houses of the village, a relatively steep mixed forest begins, through which many hunting trails pass and where the hunting lodge of the village is located. This incredible combination of sea and forest air make Rogachevo's climate unique and very healthy.

There are several closed-type settlements built right next to the village, and there are several settlements in the area. A holiday complex has also been built - Harmony Hills, which further contributes to the summer liveliness and publicity of Rogachevo's foreign speech. 
The village of Rogachevo is a wonderful place for rest near the sea - a combination of peace, tranquility, sea, beaches, entertainment in the nearby resorts.

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