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Obzor - a beautiful Bulgarian Beach Resort

Obzor is a picturesque resort with fresh mountain air, warm sea breeze, beautiful scenery and beautiful beaches with golden sand.

The city is located along a large bay that starts from Cape Atanas and ends at Cape Emine, where the River Dvoinica flows into the sea. The town is on the panoramic road that connects the south with the northern Black Sea.

Obzor is a small but interesting city that has preserved the millennial history of several civilizations and has successfully met the challenges of the modern world. The town is full of small restaurants and cafes, grocery stores, beach and children's goods, souvenirs.

The Obzor beach is more than 10 km long and between 20 and 60 meters wide. The sand is fine, with a golden color. The most beautiful are the south beach and the beach of Irakli. The guests of the city enjoy the beautiful sea, but turning to the mountains, their view meets beautiful forests of oak, linden, beech and hornbeam. The smell of lime blossoms in early summer is intoxicating and unforgettable. The surrounding area is full of valuable herbs and wild fruits.

Irakli Beach is one of the last "wild" places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, where amazing nature, clean water and beautiful rocky shore can still be found. The bay has a beach line more than 3 km, which reaches Cape Emine.

The picturesque cape Emine is located 17 km from Obzor.

The sea around the cape is shallow, with hundreds of underwater and cliffs protruding above the water, scattered more than 250m inland. That is why the coast here is extremely dangerous, and sailors surround it from afar. It's especially scary in a storm. Powerful waves, 4-5m high, with a furious force and a sinister roar erupt on the vertical wall, pouring over it with different rock fragments. However, in clear and sunny weather, the nose is amazingly beautiful and majestic.

From its top, you can see the entire coast north and south, dotted with bays and rocky capes. On Cape Emine there is a meteorological station and a lighthouse built on the foundations of the medieval fortress Emona, for which later the area was called Paleokastro (Old Fortress).

Remains of a medieval monastery have been preserved, where monks made wine and elixir and transported it through merchant ships to merchant ships. There are many legends of hidden treasures, of caves in the sea, where fresh water from underground rivers springs in places.

Today, a beautiful legend is told about Cape Emine. The headlamp guard was once an old sailor who lived here with his only and incredibly beautiful daughter. She grew free - she swam, rode the boat, fished. The harsh sea made her strong and bold. Once in a terrible storm, she rescues a drowning shipwreck. The boy fell in love with the girl. At the parting, he promised to come back, but forgot the word. From morning till evening, standing on her nose, the girl waited for her beloved. Finally, mad with despair, she plunged into the sea abyss and the waves turned purple red. Even today, as the sun rises, the sea waters around the nose turn red and remind of the girl's deceitful love.

Distance to some destinations
- Byala - 7 km
- Nessebar - 30 km
- Sunny Beach - 35 km
- Varna - 34
- Burgas - 34  km
- Golden Sands - 70 km
- Sofia - 390 km
- Plovdiv - 290 km
- Stara Zagora - 200 km
- Veliko Tarnovo - 190 km
BHC Holidays will offer you perfect accomodation on the beach front in Obzor - self catering apartments with marvelous sea view!

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