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Bolata Bay - one of the most beautiful beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea

The Bolata area - 6 km winding canyon with lush vegetation, caves and a marsh where rare birds nest, ending in a small beautiful bay near Cape Kaliakra. Bolata is one of the last unspoiled and pristine beaches on the Bulgarian coast. The Buns of Bolata are a favorite place for fishing. The area is accessible by car almost to the beach.

Bolata is part of the Kaliakra Reserve. It is located in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea near the village of Bulgarevo and Kavarna.

The area is an important area of great importance for several rare plant and animal species. The sandy beach is of natural origin and is unique to the rocky shores in the Kaliakra region.

A small river forms a narrow gorge and flows into the "Bolata" swamp (Lake Bolata) with an area of 23 ha, overgrown with an extensive array of reeds. The limestone rocks in the area have a red color due to iron oxides in the clay that fills their cracks.

The bay is also part of the "Kaliakra Complex" protected area under NATURA 2000.

Via Pontica passes over the lake - one of the great aerial "highways" of migratory birds from all over Europe. Because of this, nesting or passing waterfowl can be observed in the bay.

Remains of an ancient settlement and evidence of life from 400 BC were found in the Bolata caves, as well as a Maltese cross - evidence of the trade of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom with Venice and Genoa. Stone circles, sacrificial stones, rock caves - dwellings were also discovered.

The beach is also widely known as a diving spot. A steep path to the north climbs to the top of the rock face, from where there is a view of the entire gorge.

Bolata Bay is part of the "Most Beautiful Bays in the World" club. Beaching and camping are allowed. Motor vehicles, campers, caravans, bicycles and organized hikes are permitted. Cleaning is mandatory after each visit.
After leaving the beach, don't miss to stop by the village of Bulgarevo and buy fresh and delicious melons and watermelons that the locals sell.

Bulgarevo village offers a wide variety of guest houses and holiday villas with a pool for your holiday at sea:

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