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Balchik - information about the town

Balchik is a well-known and popular summer holiday destination in Bulgaria.

Balchik is located in the northeastern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 40 km from Varna and 20 km from Kavarna. Situated on the coast, in an area with temperate continental climate, the average temperature in July is 22 degrees Celsius and the sea water temperature in summer reaches 24 degrees Celsius.

There are three modern golf courses near Balchik. In the area there are other interesting places - the village of Kranevo, the famous sea resort Albena, the rock capital of Bulgaria - the town of Kavarna, as well as many campsites. Not far away is the reserve with the fortress Kaliakra.

Balchik and the area around it offer a variety of accommodation, dining and entertainment options.

However, Balchik is undoubtedly the most popular for its opportunities for sea tourism. The beautiful beaches in the area around the city as well as the fresh nature attract many tourists during the summer months.

The city's history dates back to about 2000 years. The first settlers were the Thracians, who gave it its first name - Dionysopolis. Later, the Proto-Bulgarians renamed it Karvuna.

Balchik is one of the most visited resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Tourists are mostly attracted by the beautiful botanical garden, located on the territory of the city and the cultural center - the Palace. Historical wealth is the other component that makes the Black Sea city so visited. However, the most attractive time to visit remains the summer vacation.

The Palace, the former summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria, is located about 2 km southwest of the town of Balchik. The year is 1924. The Queen of Romania - Maria Alexandrina Victoria de Edinburgh falls in love at first sight with the small piece of Bulgarian land located on the Black Sea coast. The area in which the Palace was erected was hiding between the white rocks of Balchik and the sea, a true piece of paradise.

In this place, in solitude and peace, the Queen spent her best moments. Centuries-old trees, field flowers, streams and birds, even decayed old watermills and dried stone fountains enchanted Romania's first lady, and wished her heart to remain here after her death.

The Botanical Garden in Balchik was established in 1955 on the territory of the park in the former summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria. Today, collections of plant species from around the world are located on a total area of ​​65 acres. About 2000 species of plants are grown here with an incredible variety of colors and shapes. One of the great attractions is the collection of large-scale species of cacti, presented outdoors in an area of ​​1 decare. It is the second of its kind in Europe after that of Monaco.

The Balchik Art Gallery is the successor to the first gallery in South Dobrudja and is located in a beautiful and stylish building, built in the early twentieth century. Works of Bulgarian classics and contemporary Bulgarian art are presented in a permanent exhibition, and numerous and varied exhibitions of our and foreign artists are visited annually in four halls. A center of international plein airs and festivals, the gallery works with foreign cultural institutes and embassies.

Vasil Levski Community Center was established in 1959 to meet the need for stage expression and cultural life of the residents of the Balchik district of the same name. Since its inception, hundreds of amateur musicians, musicians, dancers, theaters and singers, have gone through the schools and bands.

Balik Folk Dance Ensemble - Works since 1959. Choreographer Todor Todorov - 80 dancers - three groups. Appearances in Ukraine, Serbia, France, Greece, Italy; honors from the festival "Songs and Dances from Sunny Dobrudzha" - complex "Albena" and "Smiles of the Sea" - Balchik.

Dobrudzhanki Women's Folk Choir for authentic and cultivated folklore. Founded in 1959, it has 21 women. Conductor - Nina Tsvetkova. Winners of almost all festivals - Koprivshtitsa, "Songs and dances from sunny Dobrudzha" - Debrene village, "Dobrudzha sings and dances" - Albena. Schools of gadulka, folk singing and bagpipe with leaders Nina Tsvetkova and Dino Marinov.

City History Museum - The City History Museum houses treasures illustrating the material culture of the population of Balchik since the city's inception in the 6th century BC. The exhibition includes ceramics and glass objects, epigraphic monuments, a collection of coins, and through documents and photos presents the dynamic socio-political and economic life of Balchik after the Liberation in 1878.

The Ethnographic Museumis housed in a beautifully restored house of Balchik's merchant-jeweler and preserves the comfort of rural and urban-type guest rooms from the late nineteenth century. On two floors, through authentic objects are shown: the development of crafts colostrum, blacksmithing, carpentry, casks; Balchikli's livelihood and lifestyle - work and holiday suits, fishing nets, camp and harvesting tools, jewelry.

The Renaissance complex includes the Mutual School and the church “St. Nicholas ”. In the school building is presented the interior of classrooms and teachers' rooms from the mid-19th century. Interesting are the original examples of cool and firearms and other Renaissance exhibits. The patron saint of the church "St. Nikola ”is the patron saint of sailors and fishermen. The church was built in the middle of the nineteenth century, its internal arrangement is the work of Tryavna masters. It houses a permanent exhibition "Revival Icons from the Dobrudzha Region".
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